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You know, there was nothing more irritating for me than the hipster arrogance of an iPhone user & the geeky arrogance of an Android user. And I was so tired of listening to the arguments over which phone was better. Then it came time for my upgrade…. dum dum dum… and much to the disgust of my geeky husband, I went with the hipster iPhone and I LOVE it. I could never understand the big whooha that everyone made about apps and then I became an app addict!

Yesterday I installed WeChat and I love it!

 WeChat is free messaging and social network used by more than 400 million users worldwide. Connecting to your friends with seamless texting, voice messaging and video calling. Expressing your personas with exclusive emoticons . All is free with HD quality!


The emoticons are SO MUCH fun! Add to that I can send voice messages, share photo’s & messages with groups that I define and create, find new friends to chat to using Look Around & Shake and have high resolution video chats… FOR FREE!

I also read that Lionel Messi has been signed as the ambassador for WeChat… now don’t lynch me, I’m more of a rugby girl myself, so I had no idea who he was, but as a mom, I do love how the get the message across:

So come on…. what are you waiting for???? Download WeChat and get chatting.I found WeChat really easy to set up and I love the messaged tips that came through after I joined that assisted me in getting fully set up.

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  • Lisa-Marie

    July 25, 2013 at 10:13 am

    I have wechat on my samsung tablet (I think, or I must still download it …. ???) But. BUT … I don’t know where to begin with this type of technology. And wtf is Android??? WTF is a tablet and why do I have one???


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