Cupcake Fun!

I’m not the worlds most creative mommy, far from it in fact, I’ve mentioned before, I have the creativity of a brick! But since Ava started school, she has come home so very proud of her baking creations each Thursday after bakers day. So 2 weekend’s ago, I got this brilliant idea to bake cup cakes and while the men watched the rugby, let Ava entertain herself with the decorating of the cupcakes.

First off, aside from lacking in creativity, I also really fall short of being any kind of a foodie, most especially in the baking arena. So I bought one of those pre-mixed cupcake boxes and set to work baking them while she had her nap. I must, this point mention that my oven is in dire need of a service. The temperature regulation know is seriously messed up, so I’m never quite sure what temperature I’m actually cooking at. I was pretty proud of how the cupcakes looked when they came out the oven, but when I turned them out the baking tray, somehow I was not surprised to note that the bottom of the cupcakes were… shall we say… somewhat overbaked (read burnt).

This did not dampen Ava’s enthusiasm one bit. She was squealing with excitement when she came into the kitchen and found her table and chair set up with a plate of undecorated cupcakes and all kinds of different and colourful toppings to choose from.


Thank goodness Granny was close by to lend a hand.



Surveying the creations

Handing out her creations

Grandpa was forced to eat almost all the cupcakes!

Evidence of the burn!

Of course Ava had a blast, I enjoyed eating the toppings and it was quite funny how Grandpa was forced to eat almost all the cupcakes!


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