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Dexter’s Hill’s Pet Slimmer Update – you won’t believe your eyes!


A few months ago, I told you about how I signed Dexter, our fattie boy, up for the Hills Pet Slimmer challenge. Well yesterday, he went for another weigh in at our vet and I’m seriously impressed with the results! First I’ll let the pictures to the talking…..

Before, weighting in at 4.6kg's

Before, weighting in at 4.6kg’s

I am astounded by how well he has done in such a short time!

Curently.... a much slimmer version!

Curently…. a much slimmer version!

So far, Dexter has lost 900g’s and almost 25% of his body weight! And his dramatic weight loss is not the only change we’ve noticed. He fur has changed completely too! It’s much softer and silkier than it ever was before. And he is just looking like a tiny bundle of cute, a tiny little lean, mean, cute machine! Currently tipping the scales at 3.7kg’s!

Before, a barrel of fat!

Before, a barrel of fat!

Leaner & cuter than ever before!

Leaner & cuter than ever before!

Dexter has always struggled with his weight. He has been the butt of all our fat boy jokes and we are convinced that he is living proof of a fat gene! What has really encouraged me is that we have literally tried every single brand of light and diet pet food on the market without result. He just kept getting fatter and fatter and I was very concerned for his health! Just as with us humans, obesity is the number one problem facing South African pets and with it, comes a slew of health problems, including heart disease and diabetes and studies have shown that obesity can reduce the life span of our pets by up to 2 years!

What makes Hills Metabolic Advanced Weight Loss Solution different is that it has been scientifically designed so that it works with your dog’s unique energy use to reduce excessive body weight, reduces need to measure the amount of food precisely. Keeps your pet feeling full and satisfied making it easy to stay on the food.

And all that I can say is that it really does work!

Proud as punch!

Proud as punch!

October is Pet Obesity Month, so rather than putting your pet at the risk of obesity-related diseases, ask your vet for a professional, objective opinion.  In October many vet practices are offering free #petobesityweek weight assessments. Find a participating practice onwww.petobesityweek.co.za and call to book a free weight check.

Also, if you sign your pet up for the Hills Pet Slimmer Challenge, you will receive your first bag of food for free! So what are you waiting for? The list of participating vets can be found here!


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