Everyone Should Have A Baby Like This!

Don’t hate me… but Hannah is seriously the EASIEST baby ever! I see how my friends look at me with a mixture of envy and loathing each time I describe an average day with her and to be honest, I don’t blame them, I know how tough a baby can be. Ava was not the easiest of baby’s. She got easier as she matured, but I put a lot of hard work and effort into establishing a workable routine, sleep training her and finding the right remedies that worked best for her with her colic, cramps and constipation.  It was exhausting and it was hard and to be honest, I was a little scared prior to Hannah’s placement that I’d have to face and deal with all those things again.

Enter Hannah Faith and no lies, she is every parents dream, she is every child rearing specialists book subject. She is easy! She is chilled! She does EXACTLY what every parenting book tells you your baby should be doing but never does. She does have a very bad temper and will have no problem telling me how much I am pissing her off whenever we get dressed or undressed but the rest of the time, she’s all smiles & baby gurgles.


At night, she sleeps from 18h30 to between 6 – 7am! She does not wake up… she usually gets a bit niggly at around 1am, I go in her room & pop in her dummy, she doesn’t even open her eyes and just settles right down and continues sleeping. During the day she sleeps for between 2 – 2 & a half hours between feeds. She does not need to be rocked, lulled or patted to sleep… ever. As soon as I see her signals that she’s getting sleepy, I pop in her dummy, put her dudu blankie next to her face and she is lights out…. I put her down in her cot and leave her and she does not wake up.

She is drinking 125ml bottles every 4 hours during the day and it literally takes her 10 – 15 minutes to finish a bottle, no fussing, no fighting. We also have not had to use Telemant drops or any other winding aids, once she’s finished her bottle, she releases a huge burp as soon as I sit her up, or pat her on the back for a few seconds.

All of her teeth are in their sockets and the one tooth, bottom, front, has been teasing us, with that gum swelling and getting angry and red and then subsiding again. Hannah is also physically very strong. I took her for vaccinations last week and even the clinic sister commented on her physical strength. She has been holding up her own head since she was placed with us, so at 8 weeks. She is constantly strengthing her stomach muscles and trying to pull herself into a sitting position when she’s awake, when she holds my fingers, she goes from lying down to a standing position and does not want to sit back down, this little girl wants to stand all the time.


I had her weighted at the clinic last week and she has doubled her birth weight and is now weighing in at 6.2kg’s at just 10 weeks, she has also grown in length and is now 61cm’s tall.

She is doing very well and has settled in perfectly. She is also very attached to me and will constantly look for me or stare at me whenever anyone else holds her.

I am just loving this time with her, it’s so much easier second time around and because I’m calmer and feeling more confident, I’m really able to treasure this special time with her.


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