From The Mouths Of Babes…

My cousin is visiting from Australia. En route to Cape Town to stay with family and friends, her and her daughter, Sarah, made a 24 hour stop over in Jo’burg yesterday, I took the day off and the four of us, Ava included, had a fabulous day, that included lunch at The Spur, riding on the mini roller coasters and kiddies train and the pirate ship at Lifestyle Garden Center, not to mention copious amounts of wine and ciggies, after the girls had gone to bed. When we got home, we made a roaring fire and us 4 girls sat around braaing marshmallows and chatting.
At one point we were talking about Ava and I said something about her being adopted. Sarah, who had, till that point, been sitting quietly shoveling marshmallows into her mouth & cuddling Dexter, pipes up:
“Ava’s adopted?”
So I told her that yes, Ava is adopted and does she understand what that meant?
Her response was just priceless:

Sarah & Dexter

“Yes, I know what adoption is. It’s when a whole lot of babies are kept together and you pay a lot of money and then you get to go and check out all the babies pick one you like and you take the baby you like home, after you’ve paid a lot of money, and you get to be a Mom & a Dad and you are all a family!”

So so so sweet!
So I tried explaining to her that, yes, she has the basic concept right, but actually adoption is when a mommy (and sometimes daddy) decide that they can’t look after their baby, for lots of different reasons, and so they choose people to help them raise and care for their children because they love them so much. That Ava is a very lucky girl because she has two mommies that love her very very very much and that Ava’s tummy mummy loved Ava so much that she gave Ava to Walter and I to care for.
She sat there, transfixed, staring at me wide eyed while I gave my explanation, all the while holding Dexter, my Chihuahua on her lap.
At the end of my explanation, she looked at Dexter, who promptly licked her on the eye lashes, she squealed out:
“Ooh doggie butterfly kisses”
And that was that!
From the mouths of babes…
We could all take a lesson in acceptance from the mouths of those babes!


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