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We Had A Frozen Pool Party… With No Swimming, In The Rain, During A Power Failure!

It was Hannah’s 4th birthday last week and so we celebrated at home with close family and friends on Saturday, with a Frozen pool party. I wish I could say the party was a roaring success, but honestly, it wasn’t, it was very very stressful! Although, I’m pretty sure the kids had a great time, I’m just not sure my nerves or my house can withstand another party like that for a while! 

For starters, the weather did not play along!

The entire week, I’d been having a panic while analyzing the weather forecasts. Heavy rain all week! Do you know what’s worse than having your two kids trapped indoors because of rainy weather? Nine kids trapped in doors because of rainy weather! Especially when the indoors is your own home! And it was meant to be a Frozen themed pool party, so our plans started going to shit and I was in a state!

Finally the day of the party dawned and it was…… YUP RAINING!

Honestly, I wanted to cry! But I’d put so much effort into a pretty party for Hannah because she was SO excited and is such a girly girl! I’d even attempted to set aside my hatred of Pinterest and put my none existent skills to the test and had come up with some fabulous (in my opinion) party treats!

There was Frozen inspired Coconut Ice!

And Ombré Rice Crispy treats!

And Frozen inspired Oreo Pops!

Even Frozen inspired Snowballs!

The table looked gorgeous, even if I say so myself! I sprayed fake snow on everything and there were treats galore! 

Hannah was besides herself with excitement!

And then our guests arrived and the rain came down and it rained and it rained and it rained!

And then it got even worse!

The power went out about 2 hours into the party and chaos ensued!

The only way to cope with the chaos was to tuck into the wine and pretend like it wasn’t all really happening. I’m fairly easy going about this type of thing, so it was easy for me to do, but my husband, who’s not fan of a party at the best of time was a bundle of nerves by the time it was over.

After cleaning up, most of which had to happen the following day because of the damn power failure, I think he’s really glad it’s a whole 10 months till we have to host another kids birthday party.

But the kids had a blast and I guess that’s all that matters!




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