Gender Prediction – Baby van Wyk

Yesterday was a tough waiting-for-the-call-day for me. It all started because I’d asked my Mom & Dad to write a blog post for Trinity Heart about what Ava’s adoption had meant for them.  Before publishing it, I’d gone through my folder with all her photos in it, looking for nice photo’s with her Granny & Pa to include in the post.  Seeing all those baby photo’s and how grown up she is now just reminded me, once again, how quickly she is growing up and of course how she’s anything but a tiny baby any more.

Add to that, a lot of people in our lives have been asking what’s happening with our second placement over the last week and it brought on a serious case of the sads (of course the fact that I’m PMS’ing and a raging hormone at the moment is also not helping).

The interesting thing I’ve noted is that whenever friends refer to our baby from the second placement, they all refer to the baby as a he. Walter is convinced we’re having another girl, Ava has even chosen a name for her: Tayla Faith. But I am unconvinced and my gut is saying it’s a boy, not that it matters as we don’t have a preference either way and will be overjoyed regardless of the baby’s gender.

So just for a little bit of fun, what gender do you think Baby van Wyk will be?





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    • Sharon

      June 1, 2012 at 7:33 pm

      You know, I love being a girl mama Jules. And we are so prepared for another girl, but something in my gut says boy. Either way, I will just be overjoyed at being able to add to our family.

  • Tracy

    June 1, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    What is the adoption equivalent of swinging a spoon over the pregnant belly? Swinging a fork over the adoption application? Problem is I can’t remember what sex turning around in circles and swinging from side to side indicate anyway so I’ll just predict fraternal twins: one of each.


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