God? Is That U? Part II

God really does work in mysterious ways. Sometimes the ironies of the work He does is so out there , so fantastical, it’s almost ridiculous, it’s almost laughable. Well God has shown me His power and there are times when it has been so great that it has made me smile, made me giggle a silly giggle.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a few years will remember the day I wrote this post (God Is That U?) and 3 weeks later Ava-Grace was born and placed with us.

This week I wrote about how I believed in miracles, about how Ava’s miraculous placement had restored my faith and given me complete blind faith in God and His power to move mountains and flick obstacles aside as if they were nothing.

Something happened yesterday, exactly one day after my I believe in miracles post. Something that has the potential to be a huge miracle in the process of being unfolded. Something so great. A message from God, to me, to Walter. A show of His faithfulness to us. A sign of His commitment to answer our prayers. A sign that He has heard us knocking and He is planning to open that door for us.

I’m not sure if the door is being opened now, or if this is God’s way of keeping us hungry of keeping us believing in His promise until the time is right for him to reveal His power with another miracle for us. Either way, we are excited. Either way, He has shown us there WILL be another child.

Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend. She sounded awkward & uncertain. She wanted to ask me something, but was afraid to get our hopes up in case the whole thing fell flat.

A close family friend of hers was caring for her grandson, just a couple of months old but was wanting to place him up for adoption, under sad & tragic circumstances and would we be interested?


So photo’s have been sent. A discussion has occurred with the intent of getting the “ball rolling”. Granny & BM were in serious discussions last night with the intention of “getting the ball rolling” soonest.

Walter and I have been burned by a similar situation before. About 5 years ago, we were approached by a family advocate in Cape Town to adopt a baby. It turned very very ugly. A competition between us and another couple, competing for a baby. The other couple gave money to the BM and when we heard that we bowed out. It hurt. It was hugely disappointing.

This time around, the stakes are higher. We have Ava to think of. So we have put ourselves out there but under very strict conditions.

We now wait…. and pray… and wait for their final decision. If the answer is positive, we will be handing the entire process over to our SW, so that the process is managed properly, legally and with everyone’s best interests being seen to with no nasty surprises.

I’m excited and have mentally been making plans since yesterday (& thanking Ava-Grace for climbing out of her cot and forcing us to move her sooner into her big girl bed which in turn free’s up the cot for the baby, should he come home to us) but my heart is guarded.

Please can I ask that everyone who believes in the power of prayer, that you pray for this family, that you pray that they make the right decision and that if this is God’s plan for us all, that it unfolds in all His perfection.


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