Huggies Momville & What Ava Did!

So a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending the Jo’burg Huggies Momville launch. Momville is a place for Mom’s to connect to other mom’s, Momville is all about supportive mothers guiding other moms along the journey of parenthood. So whether you’ve got a baby-911 question or want to make mommy-related recommendations, you’re at the right place.
For those of you who don’t know, I’ve already had the pleasure of writing for Momville twice. You can read both of my blogs here:
It was such a pleasure for Ava and I to attend the launch of this love project. We had so much fun, meeting Twitter & Blog friends in real life, watching our children interact and playing while we got to hang out, chat and get to know each other in person. The house was exquisite, the food was amazing and I think everyone had a great time.
Well, I had a great time, until I lost my child and now I’m going to break my vow of silence and tell you where I found her….. scroll to the bottom to enjoy my horror!

Ava went missing. For about 10 minutes, I couldn’t find her anywhere! I tried to keep my pose and hide my hysteria behind a (what I hoped would seem)  calm façade! I walked throughout the entire our house looking for her, with visions of her having blocked the toilets with all the toilet paper she loves to shove in the loo, or finding her in a private bedroom, rummaging through people’s private things.  No sign of her anywhere in the house.

I headed back outside and lugged my fat arse up the precarious stairs to the dolls house to peek inside as I thought perhaps she was playing her favourite hide and seek game with me. Nope, no sign of her there either. By now, I’m really feeling the hysteria rising inside, trying to keep it out of my voice, I continued calling and walking around looking for her. Then I noticed the back gate was open and my heart sank. Had she simply walked off the premises? What if someone had stolen her? Where the hell could she be. Now I’m trying not to run, still to keep my pose and not go completely bat shit crazy so I start walking around to the open gate where I’m greeted by the gleeful shrieks of a couple of kiddies on bicycles. The one boy, older than the others, must have noted the crazed-I’m-going-into-melt-down-hysteria-look on my face and calmly told me not to worry, Ava was in the garage, she’d found the stash of bicycles, tricycles, scooters and skateboards and was dishing them out to the entourage she had following her.

I found her proudly coming out of the garage riding on a scooter, but by that stage the grip I had on my hysteria was rapidly slipping and I wanted to beat her bum and sob while cradling her in my arms all at the same time. It was then that I noticed it, that my relief was replaced by utter horror….

The white PVA paint smeared on her hands and up her arms!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! What else had she done in these people’s garage? I was too terrified to look, grabbed her by the hand and beat a hasty retreat! This child and her antics…..

So for those you who I never said goodbye to, I do apologize!


  • Daryl Faure

    September 27, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Hee hee! I know that horror of not being able to find your child. I have “lost” Dylan on a few occassions, and it is enough to induce serious nausea.

  • kristi fraser

    October 5, 2012 at 12:48 am

    I must admit,when my now 4 year old was 2, he went missing, we live on a farm, on a bed and breakfast/activity place, work there live there, there is a pool, a dam, and ponds on just the enclosed spot not to mention the rest of the farm, first place i checked were all the water sources, not there-relief, then i had all the staff running riot looking for him, we looked for ages, i was hysterical, eventually while running around the base of the garden calling his name, i heard an extremely soft “yes mommy”,i paused and hunted down the murmur, through very dense garden, there under a big fern i found my little chap playing with our cat completely happy, i just melted….


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