I Found A Little Gem In Fourways

Yesterday I joined some friends for a little lunch/play date at Aroma Cafe in Fourways, have you been there?

photo (6)

Have you been to Aroma Cafe? It is utterly fabulous! The food is excellent, the indoor decor is beautiful and the kids play area is fabulous!

photo (9) photo (12) photo (14)

The kids had a great time, playing themselves into exhaustion while we enjoyed a delicious lunch and coffee’s. If you’re looking for a kid friendly spot with a bit more elegance than Spur, then you really do want to give Aroma Cafe a try!

photo (11) photo (10)

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  • Already a 100% mom. Legally too!

    July 16, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    Those tea time treats look too delicious & the girls as beautiful as always. I’ll try to remember this place next time I am in Joburg visiting my brother & his family (who live v close to Fourways).


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