Irony of Timing

PhoenixRisingThere is a theme I have often blogged about….. the irony of timing, especially along my infertility journey. Yesterday, while I was remembering my first pregnancy loss, Kirsty was remembering the birth of her first born son. There are ironies and reminders everywhere that no matter how sad or depressed we may be, the world continues to turn and life goes on, we can choose to go on with it, or get stuck in a rut and miss out on so much.

Almost as a reminder of that exact sentiment, right at the time when I was writing yesterdays blog posting and remembering what the day was like 7 years ago, I felt the familiar stirrings of the start of a new cycle. Cramps, bloating, bleeding, CD 1 of my FET cycle struck at the exact moment when I was dwelling on the past and what could have been. Now the superstitious little infertile in me immediately started looking at this as a sign… Was this God’s perfect timing? Was this me coming full circle? Was this the end of the cycle of loss and sadness and perhaps the start of the cycle of new beginnings and new life? Could it be a sign of good things to come, could it be good tidings for my FET cycle? I guess only time will tell, I guess the only way to find out is to push the fear of what lies ahead aside and brace myself, put my shoulder to the grind and start working.

So on Monday morning, I will be getting up before the sparrows-start-a-farting and head on over to Vitalab for my CD3 scan and then the long wait to CD10 and trigger and in due course & God willing some nicely thawed & dividing little embryo’s………


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