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Let’s hear it for my man…. he’s a dream dad!

I have never doubted that it takes a lot more than a sperm donation to make a man a good father. A lot more. So many stories of dead beat dad’s, absent fathers, uninvolved dad’s and dad’s who think they’re except from certain aspects of parenting.

I am very fortunate, thankful and blessed that Walter is none of those. He is an AMAZING dad. Our girls are so blessed because there couldn’t possibly be a better dad for them in the entire world.

Riding the Jozi red bus

Riding the Jozi red bus


Right from the time Ava was placed, he was the kind of man, the kind of father that I think every woman dreams of having as her partner. Right from day one, he was 100% committed to the process of fathering. When there was nappies to be changed, he was happy to do it, when midnight bottles needed to be done, he’d get up and prepare the bottles while I did the nappy changes, I was NEVER alone during those long, dark, lonely, sleep deprived hours with a new born. Never. When Ava battled with colic and screamed all night for nearly 8 weeks, he was right there beside me, frazzled and stressed but he never once just went back to bed. I have a distinct memory from just such a night, Ava must have been about a month old and she had screamed non stop since 8pm. It was around 3am, I was exhausted and emotionally spent. I was lying on our bed, lamp on, with tears streaming down my face and he was sitting on the floor in our room, his foot on the pram pushing it backwards and forwards, head hanging, eyes closed, beaten down, but never ever giving up. Never leaving my side.

He is Ava's hero! For both my girls, he is loved & adored by them.

He is Ava’s hero! For both my girls, he is loved & adored by them.

As the girls got older, he has remained steadfastly a huge part of their lives. He is worshiped by them. When he is around, I may as well be invisible. They only have eyes for him. Still to this day, he will always make sure he is home for bath time, claiming this is quality time for him with his girls after a long day at work. He has been doing this since Ava was a tiny baby, bath time was his special time with his girls.

HE taught Ava how to make loom band jewelry!

HE taught Ava how to make loom band jewelry!

He will often poke fun at himself…. with the amount of “girly”things that he does. He taught us all how to make loom and jewelery, he can make a mean ponytail, complete with clippies in hair. He can accessorize in little girls outfit. He will ride bikes with the girls, he’ll cook with the girls, he will do anything with our girls. Kick balls, play tea party tea party. Whatever it takes, he is steadfastly there for our girls always.

Running in the dad's race at the school sports day, after dunking his face in flour!

Running in the dad’s race at the school sports day, after dunking his face in flour!

This week, I went to Durban on Thursday. It was a very long day, I left home at 04h30 and only returned home at nearly 22h00. I never once had to worry about my girls. I didn’t need to cook or prepare meals for them before the time. He just knew what had to be done and he got it done! He got everyone dressed and to school on time. He did the breakfasts and the suppers. On Friday morning I woke up in a panic about show & tell which I’d forgotten about and hadn’t prepared for or reminded him about. But I needn’t have worried, he had the foresight to prepare Ava for show and tell anyway and when I got down stairs, there was a poster all ready to go that he and Ava had prepared together the night before all about transport for show and tell.

Running a race tied together at a party.

Running a race tied together at a party.

He is an amazing dad. He is an amazing provider. He always puts the needs of the girls and me before his own. He loves us, truly, madly, deeply. He is involved. He is there. He is always willing to play with the girls, to teach them things, to help them, to love them, to cuddle them. And he is always willing to make himself look like a chop to get a laugh out of us girls.

Making us laugh

Making us laugh

I love you Walter. Thank you for always being there for us. For everything you do for us. For being such an amazing father to our girls and for setting them up to have healthy relationships when they’re older because a girls first love is always her daddy and you are an amazing daddy.


Always game….


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