My Baby Is Turning 3!

I really can’t believe it. The first year of her life seemed to go by so slowly and since then the years seems to be speeding up. One day soon I’m going to wake up and she’ll be 18!

The big difference this year is that Madam has some serious opinions about what she wants for her birthday and for Christmas and with them being so close together, we have to plan very carefully to ensure that she’s not disappointed on either her birthday or by Father Christmas.

This is her wishlist:

A mermaid outfit! Thankfully I’ve managed to track this one down on and a friend of mines Mom has bought it on our behalf as she lives in the US and bringing it to SA next week.

Mermaid Fancy Dress
A Baltorina doll!
Yes, I know they’re freaky but Ava is totally taken with them and wants to unpack them every time we’re in Toys R Us! I know they’re hand made but almost past out at the price! Thankfully her Granny and Grandpa feel that they want to spend the R800 for the 13″ one for her. My Mom says she is their only grandchild and they will buy it for her if they want to. So ok, sorted!
I really loved this one, her name is Caroline and she reminds me a lot of Ava when she was a new born!
A Cabbage Patch Kid but not just anyone, the I’m a Mermaid Cabbage Patch Kid, see a theme here?
A toy kitchen, which I’ve already decided will be A Hello Kitty one!
Hello Kitty Kitchen
I’m hoping someone will buy her the matching kettle and toaster for her kitchen or a Hello Kitty pot set.
Other things she’s mentioned or shown interest in include puzzles, books, especially Dr Sues books, a swing ball, a dance mat, oh and lets not forget… a baby sister!




  • cupcakemummy

    November 23, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Firstly – how amazing is your family?!
    Awesome spoils for Ava.
    Mermaids are awesome! I think I’d get along pretty well with her hahahaha 🙂 there is a hello kitty store here at the V&A and was eyeing out the teapot set but doubt Fysh will be too impressed with me hahahaha!
    Here’s holding thumbs that her “a little sister” wish comes true (for both you and her).

  • Lisa-Marie

    November 30, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Grannies and Grandads are just about The Very Best Thing, aren’t they??

    I remember my SIL hunting the world FLAT for a mermaid outfit – fortunately my MIL was able to find someone who had one made for her – it is SO cute! Made from lycra, so she can swim in it – although she hasn’t attempted it, because it’s super tight and she can barely walk in it.



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