Parenting…. The Chattering Monkey Phase

Gah you guys. Do you think there is such a thing as a natural parent? Like, a person that this parenting gig just comes completely naturally too? A person who doesn’t struggle with each step of the parenting journey? A person who has their parenting shit together? 

Because it sure as hell isn’t me!

I’ve found challenges and frustrations at every phase of parenting so far. And I have no doubt I will continue to struggle and be challenged to the point of breaking, at every phase of my children’s development!

I mean, the newborn phase was the biggest shock to my system. I honestly didn’t think I would survive it. Then we went through the weaning and potty training phase and I literally clenched my jaw and white knuckled my way through that.

And don’t even get me started on the Threenagers!

But now we’ve entered the new phase. I call it the chattering monkey phase!

And there are moments during this phase where I’m not sure if I should burst into tears or just curl up in a ball and give up!

The Chattering Monkey phase – a breakdown:

  • Constant noise! Like chattering monkey’s! Whether it be the sounds of fighting, playing or talking. It’s NEVER ending. There is NEVER a moments silence and if there is, be sure it’s a sign of even bigger trouble on the horizon! 
  • Constant chatter, just like chattering monkey’s! There is never a moment where I can just be silent in my head, lost in my own thoughts or just reading a book. There is always someone saying something to me. Usually something totally random too! Like, this week, I got an entire biology lecture, from a 7 year old, about the life and times of a brown bat! It’s like having a talking encyclopedia trapped in the body of a small, cute but rather annoying monkey! 
  • Monkey antics…. all the time! Whether it be jumping on beds, hanging off the back of my couches, swinging from something or simply standing on ones head while watching TV. Why do kids to that? Stand on their heads while watching TV? I mean, I’m sitting there, minding my own business, trying to be engrossed in some kid show when a random foot connects with the side of my head! 
  • Monkey fighting! You know, pushing, shoving, slapping, punching, biting! Anything goes when the other monkey has what you deem belongs to you! 
  • Monkey logic – like why my make up has been trashed and they have smudges all over their faces? Because the dog put make up on them. I mean, I can’t even make this stuff up! And how much of a monkey do they take me for that they actually think I’d believe that? 

I love them. Oh my word I love them and I wouldn’t change them for anything, which is a good thing because otherwise I would have run away and joined the circus a long time ago!

Please tell me I’m not the only one struggling with the monkey chatter phase? 

I really have to work hard everyday to stop myself from telling them to just shut up! Just for a moment, to be quiet. I know this is a normal part of their development, I’m just not sure my sanity and my love of silence can withstand this!

Which makes me even more terrified for what lies ahead. Because I have no doubt I’m going to struggle with every phase of parenting and next up we enter the tween phase! 

Which phase of parenting has been most challenging for you? 


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