School Holidays! Gah!

Ava’s school closed for 3 weeks of school holiday’s last week. It’s a fabulous school and she is very happy there! But it is a school that caters more towards homes with SAHM’s. A normal school day runs from 08h00 to 12h30 and after care is only until 15h00 with no holiday program.

These holiday’s kind of snuck up on me. With my 40th birthday party and a writing assignment, my mind was elsewhere and I never really gave too much thought as to what we were going to do with our little monkey when the holiday’s began.

Sure we have Loveness who will be there during the day to care of Ava. But she will get bored and she will get lonely and 3 weeks is a loooong time to be away from your friends.

Thankfully, there are some very clever Mom’s at our school and thankfully I am a rather forward Mom!

So when I picked her up on the last day of school, one of the clever mommies happened to mention to me that she had booked their assistant teacher to come to her home for the school holiday’s and run a holiday program of sorts, from her home for her son, Tristan, who also happens to be one of Ava’s very best BFF’s!

Not one to be shy I immediately asked how she’d feel about Ava joining their make shift holiday program and she was delighted!

So our two little monkey’s have spent the first week of their school holiday’s riding bikes, drawing, doing arts and crafts and having so much fun that when I collect Ava at midday she literally has to carried to the car by her arms while she thrashes her legs about and does mid-air running with her legs and screaming – I want to stay with Tristan, I want to stay with Tristan!


I’m utterly thrilled at how well this arrangement is working out for us. This week’s program was at Tristan’s house and next week they will be at our house. Teacher Juliet is an absolute gem, she keeps them busy and stimulated and makes sure they eat their mid-morning snacks and everyone is having the very best fun.

Best part of all, we’ve already organized for Teacher Juliet to do the same for us during the first few week’s of the loooong December holidays!

<5 Clever Mom’s!






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