She’s So Sweet She Makes My Heart Ache

Ava-GraceAva-Grace is a mischievous child, who likes to tease and play tricks on her friends and family but it’s always done in a good-natured way. She is not a mean or spiteful child, it’s just not in her nature to be cruel or unkind to anyone. Having said that, I am under no false illusions of her being an angel, I know she can pick fights and be as difficult & strong willed as any 3 year old. But, it’s her softness that often makes me feel overly protective and offended by the things that upset her. When she comes home from school, upset, and telling me about what so and so said or did to her, I think it hurts me as much as it hurts her.

So yesterday, when I got home from work, she was very sad and didn’t want to tell me what was wrong or what had happened at school that had upset her so much. After about a half an hour of coaxing, she asked me if she could phone her BFF, Tristan.

What followed, made my heart swell with love and pride for this precious, sweet, little girl. God if you’re listening, don’t let anyone or anything ever rob her of her sweetness!

I called Tristan’s mom and asked her if her son could come to the phone as my daughter would like to chat with him. As soon as Ava heard Tristan on the phone this is what she said:

Ava: Tristan, I am so sorry I threw sand in your face at school today.

Tristan: It’s ok Ava-Gwace!

Ava: Now can I still come to your party?

Tristan: Yes!

Ava: I love you Tristan!

Tristan: I love u too Ava-Gwace!


I was so proud of her! So proud that at such a young age, she has a well developed sense of compassion and right and wrong and was driven to apologize to her bestie for hurting him.

Well done my precious girl, may God continue to keep you in all your pure sweetness. I love you SO SO SO much!



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