Yes! She’s A Genius In The Making!

I know all Mom’s think that their children are geniuses but seriously… mine is. No really she is! πŸ™‚

Not just beautiful but clever too! πŸ™‚

I am astounded by rapidly she is developing and learning. There is not a day that doesn’t pass that I find myself staring at her, open mouthed, wondering where on earth she learned this or that!

It’s quite amazing. In their first year, their physical development is huge but the second year seems to be all about mental development and I am astounded each day by the new things that Ava is learning. School has clearly been the best thing for her. She is flourishing and blossoming into the most awesome little girl and each day I’m reminded by how blessed we are to call this child our own.

She also changes daily and is proving to be quite fickle, what she loves today, she won’t necessarily love tomorrow. Still not a fabulous eater, but I’ve stopped worrying about that. If she only eats one mouthful of food at dinner time, well then so be it. She’s much more of a grazer than an eater and is happy to nibble on mini meals throughout the day so we have adapted her dietary plan to that.

Ava has found her swimming legs. She loves it. She loves it so much, she actually makes me scared. Just this weekend, while we were swimming, she ran around the side of the pool and literally just launched herself off the side! I almost had a heart attack. She’s become strong enough to do monkey walking along the side of the pool, climb out by herself, climb in safely and float by herself. She’s also loving the new found ability to hold her breath and put her face under the water to fish out whatever toy may have gone under.

She’s taken perfectly to her big girl bed with no further issues, aside from waking earlier, before she used to sleep till between 06h30 & 7am, these days she’s waking before 6am but seems happy to “read” a book in bed with a Shaun the Sheep till we get up.

Her new favorite things are Fruit Dainties, Mickey Mouse Club House, especially when they call for Toodles. It’s so cute, she cups her hands around her mouth and helps shout out “OOoooh Toodles!”. And Dinosaurs. Oh my goodness, the child is crazy about Dinosaurs, a future palaeontologist perhaps?

Her vocabulary is huge, I can’t count the words she knows because she pretty much knows them all. She still gets confused between the differences between you and me. So when she wants me to help her, she’ll ask me to “help you” but it’s hugely cute. My favorite word is how she pronounces dirty, she has an obsession with dirt, can’t stand having dirt on her hands or on her feet and will require that whatever dirt is there is immediately cleaned off, however, I digress… so Walter and I ask her to say dirty about a thousand times a day because her pronunciation is so cute:Β  doity!

She loves technology, clearly takes after her father, and her favorite “toy” is to play with Walters Samsung Galaxy, especially the animal based app’s. She can recognize all the animal sounds and tell you the names of all the animals, unusual ones too,Β  she won’t say bird, she’ll tell you it’s an eagle or a parrot or an owl. Where did she learn all of this?????

The thing that has really astounded me is her numeracy. I was shocked to walk in on her stacking blocks on the weekend and overhearing her count the blocks she had stacked and the blocks still left to stack. I kid you not, she can count to 12! TWELVE! She’s not even 2! It’s very cute and she certainly seems to be loving the numbers. If you start counting she’ll take over and quickly count you up to 12. Clearly she has garnered Walter’s talent for numbers – that whole nature versus nurture thing.

So yes folks, we have a genius on our hands! πŸ™‚


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