This will be my first IVF at my “new” fertility clinic, I say new, but I’ve been there for a year now, but its my first round of “proper” fertility treatment, in other words, trying to make a baby that doesn’t involve s.e.x. One of the big differences with this IVF as apposed to the ones that have gone before, aside from the fact that because we’ve finally had a diagnosis we have our first proper chance had getting a BFP, is that I will have to learn to administer my own injections. My “new” clinic is not on my way to work and to try and get there in peak traffic before work is a nightmare that will just land up stressing me out further. The problem with me administering my own injections is that I’ve never done it before and I’m a bit apprehensive of it. See, the thing is that when I first started with fertility treatment, I was terrified of needles. I mean sweaty palms, racing heart kind of scared. The only way that I could get around that fear was to never look when the needle was pushed into my skin. It worked well and I must say that over the years, I’ve really overcome my fear of Dr’s and needles and medical procedures, you sort of have to when you’re infertile. But I’ve still never managed to look when receiving an injection so as my IVF creeps closer and closer I’ve become more and more worried about how I’m going to get over this mental block and be able to successfully administer my own injection.

Now along this journey I’ve met some of the most incredible women, one of these is my soul sister, Elize, she’s seriously one brave chic and has also been through the wringer in the last few years but a better friend I could not possibley hope for. After a long discussion with her about my mental block of injecting myself she suggested that I administer her trigger injection for her IUI last night. At first I thought she was totally mad, I mean why would you let somebody with an obvious fear of needles do that to you. But she totally insisted as she thought it would help me.

Well, I’m really proud to say that I did it and after administering her injection I feel like I’m confident to now do my own. It was really not nearly as traumatic as I thought it would be, in fact, the hardest part was getting all the liquid into the syringe, the actual injecting was a piece of cake.

Thanks so much for doing that for me my friend, I’m feeling so much more confident about sticking myself now!!!