And already the mental torture has started. I guess being on bed rest is really not helping, far too much time to think….

The insomnia has also kicked, not sure if I mentioned this before, but I always battle insomnia during the 2ww from an IVF. Last night I must have woken up about 10 times and lain there thinking about Blip and Blop, wondering if they were hatching, if they were attaching. The fact that I’m still battling residual symptoms of the OHSS is not helping, my bladder is still very sensitive and its extremely painful if I allow it to get too full, so I have to get up about 5 times during the night to pass urine, again, so painful I want to faint, and having to drink 4L’s of water a day is not really helping at all.

Yesterday, I did almost whack somebody after I’d had ET. Dr J had asked me to wait 10 minutes before using the loo, now imagine, very swollen ovaries, very sore uterus, very full bladder, waiting 10 minutes, I was in agony. I couldn’t even stand up straight to walk to the toilet when eventually the time finally came for me to relieve my bladder. So the chic sitting in the recliner opposite me goes: “Shame, I had ER on Saturday and my tummy is also a little sore!!!”

Sweetheart, sore!!??? Sore doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’ve got OHSS, not the sore you get after ER, I’m in agony, its really not the same thing. I had to stop myself from swotting her, she simply did not understand the concept of OHSS and seemed to believe it was the tenderness one feels after ER. Ja, keep believing that Love!

Anyway rant over.

This morning I told W I also plan to go for my blood test early. I simply cannot bare the thought of getting the results on a Monday at work. I cannot face that, I need to be in the privacy of my own home so that I can fall apart and not worry about my dignity if its a BFN. So I’ve decided that I’m going to go for my blood test on Saturday, 28th March. It won’t make a different to the + / – aspect of it, but at least I can be at home and celebrate/mourn my result without the my entire office staring at me. I’ll be 12dp5trf which is good enough to get a good beta count if I’m in fact pregnant.

I also plan to POAS about 50 times at least before then! Wish me luck!