2012 – A Review

At the beginning of 2012 I wrote a blog post about how my word for 2012 would be ACTION.  Now we’re a couple of weeks into 2013, settling back into our daily routines after our holidays, I’ve had some time to reflect back on the year that was.

2012 Wordle

2012 was a good year for us Van Wyk’s. It was not perfect, it had up’s and it had down’s but it was still overall a good year.   Our word for the year was Action and it certainly was an action packed year. We sold our home of 10 years in just 4 days and within a month had packed up and moved.

We finally made a decision about emigrating, after years of procrastinating, we’re not going, we’re staying right here!

We gained and then lost a son after our second adoption placement went horribly wrong.  Or that’s how it seemed at the time. I was overcome by bitter disappointment and heart broken for what we had lost. But with time, healing and perspective and without going into detail to protect Baby K, I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Walter and I were a tool to bring stability to Baby K’s life, to reunite him with his birth father and to bring peace and healing to his birth mother. So while it was a painful experience, at the end of the day, even though Baby K will never remember us or know us, we know that we have played an integral part in his  life, he never was our son, we were sent to him for only a short time but that time had far reaching effects for all involved.

Somewhere in the last few months, I have found peace with the wait for our second placement. As Ava gets older and gains more and more independence  moving further and further away from a helpless baby and into a strong willed little girl, life has become easier and easier and with that I’ve found peace that we may never have a second child, that perhaps she will be an only child and will be ok, we will be ok.

2012 has also been the year of friendship, I’ve made some amazing new friends and maintained some very special friendships too. It’s also been a year where I finally learned to forgive an old friend for a deep hurt caused. I learned from that that forgiveness is all about my well being and has little to do with anyone else, forgiving set me free from the hurt and from the bitterness, by forgiving I was able to let go, let go of the hurt feelings that had held me back for so long and also let go of the memory of that person, it’s been truly liberating.

2012 ended with a great business opportunity, something I’m working on in the back ground and if it comes to fruition, something I will share with you all and expect hope that you will support this business venture.

I’m still thinking about my word for 2013, there are a few that come to mind but none that have completely gelled.  When I know what it is, I’ll be sure to share it.

For now, wishing us all health, wealth and happiness in abundance during 2013.


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