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2017 – The Year Of YouTube Or Just Me Being An Ass!

Last year, I did a couple of fun campaigns that required video. And I had LOADS of fun with the video medium. Initially, I was so nervous about trying it out and felt overwhelmed by the actual editing process, but in the end the challenge of it all really appealed to me.

Here are some of the videos I made last year:

I did a spoof video for Poo-Pourri with the help of Sam from Tech Girl. And it was SO much fun that I couldn’t wait to do another one! 

I Showed You My Poop Face, Now Show Me Yours & {WIN} with Poo~Pourri

Next I did a campaign for Appletiser promoting their competition to win a trip to New York. This video I created and editing entirely on my own and while I was very stressed about it, and was convinced I’d over comitted myself, the end result was pretty good for a first attempt and I had a HUGE amount of fun playing around with the editing process!

{WIN} A New Year’s Eve Party In New York With Appletiser

There are a bunch of other ones I did as well, you can view them all over on my YouTube channel here:


Since I started fiddling around with this medium, I’ve enjoyed it so much, so one of the things I want to do this year is start experimenting and having even more fun with my blog by utilizing the video medium even more. 

I finally got around to creating an intro video for my YouTube channel last week, check it out:

The thing I love about this medium is how creative you can be. And how much fun you can have. I mean, this video, for example, I shot without pants! Go figure! I’d love it if you gave the video the proverbial thumbs up? And any advice, feedback and tips are most welcome! What would you like to see on my YouTube channel?

Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on any new video content to, you can subscribe to my channel by clicking the image below! Thank you! 


I LOVE comments, leave yours here:

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