And I’m not just talking about physical health. I want to be mentally healthy, physically healthy, financially healthy, have healthy relationships and so much more. So my focus word for 2019 will be healthy.

But first….. 2018 & the lessons she taught!

2018 – The Year Of Relationships

I’m not sure how many of you have noticed that there is a distinct theme to each year of your life? For example, 2014 was my year of transformation. 2015 was the year I had a nervous breakdown, 2016 was my year of mental health, 2017 was my year of change and 2018 was definitely all about relationships.

I learned a lot about relationships last year. When to try harder, when to let go, when to recognize toxic relationships, when to recognize that perhaps they’re just not that into you anymore (facetious I know but you know what I mean,that friend who you’re touching base with, inviting them to join you for get togethers etc and they either cancel at the last minute or permanently decline). The friend who no matter how hard you try just couldn’t be arsed to recipocate? The friend you need to try harder with? That pretty much sums up my 2018.

2019 Needs To Be My Year Of Healthy

Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy relationships. I’ve gotten a bit of a head start on my physical health over the past two weeks and I’ll be sharing some tips and recipes in the weeks ahead to help keep us all on track.

Do you choose words and affirmations each year? If you do? What is your word for 2019?