I can’t believe my baby is 28 weeks old! Where has the time gone??? And how did my baby go from this tiny little creature with no bum and little chicken legs, all yellow from jaundice:

3 Days Old

To this gorgeous creature who has thunder thighs and verbal diarrhea?

6 Months Old

Every week now she’s learning and doing new things and she’s become so much fun to hang out with. Her new thing is sit up’s and her feet! Whatever she’s doing and wherever she is at the moment you can be 100% sure that she’ll be doing one of two things…. mooning the world while holding onto her feet, even though doing this in a sitting position causes her to topple over, she doesn’t care, her feet have become her new best friends and have to be touched and pulled on at all times. And of course the sit up’s, don’t even get me started on the sit up’s. She’s doing sit up’s in her high chair, sit up’s in her baby gym, even sit up’s when sitting on my lap. When she’s on my lap she rocks herself backwards and forwards so that she’s doing a version of a sitting up sit up. I know this must be in preparation for something, just not entirely sure what yet but boy, this child must have seriously strong stomach muscles because she’s doing well over 1000 sit up’s a day!

The nappy rash mixed with thrush is back on her butt this morning and I can point the finger of blame on a tooth that is just not cutting the surface of her gum, its right there and has been for over a week now, but has just not cut through. Thankfully, aside from one day of a fair amount of crying, baring in mind, this child never cries, so if she even cries for 20 minutes in a day, I think its excessive because we’re so not used to it, and now a second bout of nappy rash mixed with bum thrush, she’s has no side effects and I’m thankful for that. Of course, we’ve now got the clearing up of the nappy rash/thrush down to a fine art… the only thing that works for her bottom is washing it with warm water between changes, no wet wipes and alternating between Anitpeol ointment and Nyacid ointment, which seems to clear it in one day.

Anyway, now for my other passion …. retail therapy… for those of you who don’t know, Naartjie is having a massive mid winter sale, I bought a trolley load of goodies for Ava on the weekend, goodies marked down from R130 to R59! Thanks Joni for the tip. Also, you’ll remember a while ago I was looking to buy Ava some cute and funky beanies for winter, well my friend Roz pointed me in the right direction when she sent me the link to Buglets, oh boy, I see how I over spend on that too!

Now, I need a recommendation for a good peadiatric multi vitamin??? Both Walter and I are vrot with the flu at the moment and I was thinking it would probably be a good idea to put Ava on some form of multi vitamin, any recommendations????