My life changed forever as I witnessed the birth of the most beautiful child. In some respects I cannot believe its been 4 months already, in others, it feels like this sweet natured child has been part of our lives forever. I still get a lump in my throat in tears in my eyes when I think about how our very long journey ended. How suddenly we turned a corner and started living our dream.

Motherhood has changed me in ways I never imagined, it has taught me loving patience, it has made me vulnerable and yet brave & strong. I’ve learned that there is a type of love that no words can ever describe, a love so powerful that it hurts, a love that makes me mushy on the inside.

When she smiles at herself in the mirror, when I carry her and she rests her right hand on my shoulder and her left hand on my neck, when she smiles at me, when I watch her sleeping, I’m filled with an emotion that is indescribable. I’m filled with gratitude.

Every night, Walter and I follow the same ritual, just before I get into bed, while he is studying/working in the study, I’ll come to him and say:

Do you want to go and see heaven?

And then we go into her room, stand over her bed and admire the most beautiful child as she sleeps so peacefully, arms spread, left hand clutching her dudu blankie and then my eyes always fill with tears of joy and gratitude for what we longed for has finally been granted.

God has given us an angel, we are blessed in ways that words can not fully describe.