Last Saturday, we headed off to my friend Gail to do another professional photo shoot. The last one had been done with her when Ava was 6 weeks old and I’m super keen to do these every 6 months and then at least once a year when Ava starts getting older. I’ve already informed Gail that she’s comissioned to do the photo’s for Ava’s 1st birthday invitations and also to do a Christmas card shoot for us. Never mind that she’s also expecting a baby! 🙂

I’ve been patiently *read not* waiting to see the photo’s from the shoot. It hadn’t been an easy shoot, Ava had toppled over and landed on her face early on and had been desperatley unhappy and unsmiling for the remainder of the shoot so I wasn’t sure if we were going to get any happy girl shots.

Gail must know me really well, she knew exactly how to say congrats on our final adoption order…. a sneak peek… so here it is… the one and only sneak peek… I’ll share more photo’s with you once they become available.

So precious! So beautiful!