Monday morning, 09h00, 15th February 2010 – our final adoption order should, God willing, go through. Lord, when I think about it, I get so nervous I want to vomit, sh*t my pants and faint all at the same time. Our social workers have told me to trust them, that we have nothing to worry about, but still…. just knowing…. its unbearable, I can’t wait to have this phase over with. I can’t wait to start our lives as a family of 3 and not have that to think about.

W and I have been wanting to do something to celebrate the momentous occasion, the time when we officially become a family of three. We thought about doing a small celebration with family and friends but then decided against it and instead have booked ourselves a week long trip to Cape Town, back to where it all started. So next Tuesday morning, I will hop on a plane with a baby strapped to my chest and head on back to my hometown for a week long celebration with my family and old friends. W will fly up on the Friday and we’ll have a long weekend in Cape Town before heading back the following Tuesday.

I have mixed emotions about the trip. I’m super excited and dreading it all at the same time.  I’m excited for the change of scenery and for spending time with my family but, travelling with a baby is a logistical nightmare. I have already begun writing the lists of things I need to take. Every detail of everyday needs to be thoughtfully planned for. From bottle sterilizers to camp cots to medications to formula, down to nappies. Even something as simple as giving Ava a bath needs to be planned.

So I’ll probably have to travel with about 2 large suitcases (half of one for me, the rest for her) then I also need to pack the pram and car seat as well as the camp cot. Thank heavens my parents will be in Jo’burg this weekend and are on the same flight as me back to Cape Town so I’ll have some assistance, I can’t imagine having to lug all that stuff around the airport and then still care for a baby!

Please can I ask that everyone pray for us, for this last week, that everything goes smoothly and that we can put our 60 days behind us and start our lives together without this fat elephant sitting on our heads.