*I was busy with this post yesterday when I received the devastating news of Lovenesses passing.

My sweet Little Bird, you are 8 months old today and been with us 6 months. A lot has changed in the last month. You have finally settled into and embraced your forever family! You are a very sweet & happy little bird, you love to laugh, smile & wave to everyone and your dad and I are convinced that while waving you are trying to say “hello”, you’re making a word that sounds very similar to “hello” every time you wave to anyone. You also say Dada and you LOVE to copy your sister, if she shouts, you shout and whatever she does, you try to do to, it’s very cute, a real monkey see monkey do!

photo 1

You’ve cut your first tooth just over a week ago and definitely have more teeth on the way. With the discovery of your tooth, you have also decided that you will no longer eat baby goop and have started to chew and eat whatever the rest of us are having. So far your favourite meal has been bangers and mash with peas, corn & gravy, you nommed and gummed your way through

that with great gusto. You also love finger biscuits and the occasional cheese curl. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me, your big sister is a very fussy eater and I’ve always felt it was because I was overly cautious when weaning her, so I love your adventurous spirit, whether you’re chomping on a strawberry or eating a bowl of peas and corn with your fingers, when it comes to food, you’re game to try anything!

photo 2


You’re also fully mobile, crawling a few paces and then dropping down onto your stomach and leopard crawling, you’ve discovered that you can get around really quickly this way and nothing makes you crawl faster than when you hear your Dada coming home. He is by far your favourite person and the squeals of delight as you motor across the carpet, doing your leopard crawl, knee crawl combination.

We are enjoying you so much right now, you couldn’t possibly be any cuter if you tried!