It’s Time To Say Goodbye

RIP Loveness. 31/12/1973 – 21/10/2013163 I don’t know how we will recover from your loss. I don’t know how to tell Ava. She is still adamant that the Dr is going to make you all better and that you’ll be back. She shares a very close bond with you and yesterday, out of the blue, she asked what happens to people when they die and where heaven is. Ironic that she asked that on the day you passed away. I can still hear the sound of your voice calling out “My Princess” or “my Angel” when you spoke to Ava or Hannah. I can still hear the sound of your voice singing the song you made up for Ava:

Ava is a pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl, Ava is a pretty girl…

Sung to the tune of London Bridge and I can hear Ava responding with:

Loveness is a pretty girl, a pretty girl, a pretty girl, Loveness is a pretty girl…

We will never forget you. Our lives will never be the same without you. I can’t believe you’re gone. I don’t think anyone can really understand the depth of my grief, to outsiders looking in you were our nanny, an employee, to me you were so much more. We will never forget you, we will never be the same without you. But I am relieved that your suffering is over and I am relieved that you died in your home country with your mother. I am devastated for your daughter, just 19 living in a foreign country and trying to make a better life for herself. You were an angel on earth and I have no doubt you’re now an angel in heaven.



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