I woke up early this morning, feeling rather anxious… today is #nofilter day and I confess, I am seriously lacking in self esteem or perhaps just vain, but I don’t ever let any of you see photo’s of me unmade up and wild. I logged onto Instagram to check if anyone had posted their first morning selfie and low and behold, so many brave women were posting their first morning, unfiltered pics, so I took a deep breath and shared mine!


Yep, that’s me, just having crawled out of bed, my hair looking wild and totally unmade up. Then I waited for the comments I was sure would rip my little self esteem to shreds and instead I learned a lesson. The lesson is that we are so much more critical of ourselves than anyone else is. While there were some giggles about my 80’s hair metal band/bed head, everyone commented on my skin, which really surprised me. I never really thought I had good skin, I battled with severe acne in my late teens and resorted to medication and two very painful chemical peels to get it cleared up. I loved the comments about how I looked good for my 41 years of age and in the end, instead of it being an exercise in self loathing, the picture actually boosted my confidence and made me see myself in a different light.

So many mom’s have participated and by 8am this morning, #nofilter day was trending in South Africa! How awesome! All these brave women putting themselves out there to let the world (of Twitter) see what real women look like!


Here are some of my first thing in the am favourite selfies from other brave women out there:

photo6 photo5 photo4 photo3 photo2 photo

#nofilterday has created a sense of community and camaraderie and I think it’s been a great exercise for everyone participating. It’s not to late, there is still a looong day ahead if you’d like to join in the fun. Simply share your pictures on Instagram and Twitter, unfiltered and of course of things you wouldn’t normal let the online world see!

Put on your brave face and your big girl panties and come join in the fun!