Ok! Not quite. It wasn’t 99 bottles of beer on the wall, but it was 61 bottles of beer, 5 bottles of wine and 6 broken/chipped wine glasses in a crate ready for recycling! 

And we’re alcoholics around here!


Remember the challenge The Glass Recycling Company set for me? Well the results are kind of shocking!

It’s only been two weeks since I took up the challenge and yesterday  I went and emptied out our recycling. Just lifting up the crate I was storing all the bottles in was a shock. It was heavy! And then I kept thinking about how, if I weren’t recycling, that glass would simply be going into a landfill where it would take one million years to decompose! 


I feel like I should explain….

In the past two weeks, we have hosted a party and Christmas lunch. We’ve also lazed around our pool and consumed a large number of ice cold frosties in the late, summer holiday afternoons. But still, it’s one hell of a pile of glass! I also tossed out a bunch of old, chipped wine glasses that were originally made from recycled glass too, after I spoiled myself to these beautiful steamless wine glasses for Christmas!

How to find a The Glass Company Recycling Bank:

I had a look on their website and found the ones closest to me, there were plenty to choose from and all within a 2km radius of our house.

I chose to drop off at the glass bank outside the Sonneglans Retirement Village…. but no luck… apparently old people drink even more than we do, that glass bank was full to the brim.

But the second one I visited was only half full and so I did my glass deposit!

I will continue to recycle!

We have a recycling company that collects recycling from our homes each Friday. But I’m actually thinking I will continue to recycle my glass separately, given that The Glass Recycling Company have done such an amazing job of job and income creation for so many!

Did you take the challenge?

If you didn’t, try it, the results are quite surprising, or in our case, quite shocking. 

This challenge was sponsored by The Glass Recycling Company