121940This week has been a week full of milestones for my darling little daughter. She had her 8 week check up with the pead and her first set of vaccinations and what a little trooper she is.

The pead visit went really well. All her internal organs seem to be normal and her development is right on track. She’s achieved all the milestones for an 8 week old, the coo’ing sounds, lots of smiling, opening and closing of her hands (very cute, she’s fascinated by her hands) when I hold her up she automatically starts making stepping motions, she holds her head up and lifts her self up when placed on her tummy, so all is going well.

On the pead charts, she’s charting perfectly with head circumference and weight, but boy oh boy, she’s off the charts in the height department. The average baby of her age is 55cm’s, she’s currently at 60cm’s. The pead says she’s going to be a very tall but petite child.  We’re still uncertain of what her eventual eye colour will be, the pead also says he wouldn’t bet on it as the colour it is currently could go one of three ways – green, grey, or hazel. Her BM has green/grey eyes, so I’m hoping she’s going to get her beautiful eyes.

She had her first round of vaccinations yesterday. It was NOT a whole lot of fun, thankfully though, I’d already been through the hell of her blood tests so the vaccinations were a cake walk in comparison. She was a real little trooper, broke her mommy’s heart when she started yelling out her pain cry, but as soon as I picked her up and gave her a cuddle the crying stopped and the best part of all….. no side effects! I monitored her temps the whole day yesterday and they remained constant at 36.6 degrees C. She also ate well and slept well both during the day and last night, so lets hope we can continue to be as lucky with her next round of shots in four weeks time.

As for all the babbling, well that’s cos I’m super nervous, we’re so close, so so close. Officially, our 60 days ends tomorrow at midnight, but because its on a weekend, there’s a grace period till 9am for the birth mum on Monday. Lord, help get through this weekend!