Ava is sick! Really really sick! Sick like she has never been in her entire, 16 month-long life! We had a very rough night on Tuesday evening, she literally cried from 7pm when I put her down to sleep until almost 23h30. The snot was pouring from her, she had a cough that sounded like a barking dog, she was wheezing and struggling to breath and her voice was very hoarse. It took an hour of back-breaking, firm-gripped, rocking to get her to finally go to sleep. Which was short-lived, she was awake again just after 1am and took more rocking and soothing to go back to sleep and again at 5am with heart wrenching sobbing.

Needless to say, I felt like death warmed up on Tuesday morning – all the symptoms of sleep deprivation were there… pounding head, aching body, lethargy. But when you’re a mamma there’s no time to worry about these things, or pay much attention to them, my main concern was my poor, very sick baby.

So off we went to the Dr to get Ms Ava checked out, history has taught me one thing with this child, any sign of illness and its only a day or two and she has a full-blown tonsillitis attack! Tonsillitis has struck my poor baby 4 times in the past 5 months!

So the Dr gives Ava a thorough check over and  confirms she is indeed sick. Not only can he already see her tonsils starting to swell but she has croup and just for a bit of extra fun, she’s also cutting 4 molars. He also notes that mommy looks like hell and says he thinks he should check mommy out! And wouldn’t you know it, I wasn’t sleep deprived I was sick, just too bloody busy to notice. I had a fever of 39 and all the signs of symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection without even knowing it. So we are a happy, coughing, snotting, antibiotic taking bunch the Van Wyk household this Easter!

The irony is that being a mother really does help one harden the hell up! Two years ago I would have been struck down by this type of illness and by such a fever and taken to my bed but not anymore! It’s odd how motherhood makes us not just toughen  up but gives us an extraordinary ability to keep going and be resilient!