I’m going to get a stomach ulcer before I even meet our BM!!! My mind is wandering to places I wish it wouldn’t. I’m getting very excited but I’m also afraid of my excitment. I’m utterly terrified of getting hurt or being disappointed. Its been two days since we received the news, its still completley surreal. On day 1 I was convinced our SW’s were going to contact me an tell me they’d made a terrible mistake and that they’d contacted us in error and it was other adoptive parents the birth mom wanted. So I emailed them and they kindly and patiently gave me all the reassurance I needed. But within hours a new thought had popped into my mind… what if the reason why we haven’t set up a time for the appointment yet is because the BM has changed her mind???? Currently, I’m having to fight the fear that this thought has brought while it swims around in my mind!

In the interim I’m trying to do, in a short space of time, what all expectant mum’s do. Plan! I’ve written a list of things to buy/pack for baby in the hospital:

Baby Bag

8x Baby-grows

4x Receiving Blankets

1x Pack New Born Nappies

Wet Wipes

4x Towelling nappies for burping

Bottles (which brand please?)

Dummies (again which brand please?)

Am I missing anything?

I’ve also started thinking about my bag and what I’d like to take with me. We’re also wanting to buy our BM a pretty bag and fill it with some nice goodies for her, some mags, some nice toiletries etc. I keep reminding myself that I want to be as kind and thoughtful to our BM as possible. That while this is the happiest day of our lives, its the saddest day of hers.