Hey ICLW’s – if you’re visiting for the 1st time, I’m sorry to say, the Tooth Fairy has stepped in to ensure that not only is our Easter Weekend ruined by my participation in ICWL will be pretty lame this month & for that, I do apologize. If you’d like to read about how I came to motherhood, please read the page: Journey to a Miracle.

This week has seen both Ava-Grace and I and now Walter too, all struck with illness. Walter has a cold, I have an uppder respiratory tract infection and Ava has croup and tonsilitis and just for extra fun, she’s also cutting all 4 of her first set of molars – at the same time. As a result, the Tooth Fairy has in one fowl swoop ruined our long weekend together and also replaced my usually happy, sweet little toddler, with a snotty, gobby, screaming monster.

Sleep has been limited and peace as been missing from my home. I hate seeing my sweet child in such excruciating agony. The cry is never-ending and I have now taken to rocking her in a chair in her room for hours on end just so she’ll get some sleep.

I’d heard that cutting molars was bad, but given that Ava has teethed so well, only experiencing symptoms for her first two teeth and the rest literally popping out, I really did not anticipate that the molars would be this extreme. She cries almost all the time and at times the cries turn to screams.

We are all exhausted and just hoping and praying that these 4 molars will cut through quickly so that life can return to some kind of normal.