Because that’s what this picture cost.

Hundreds of thousands of rands.

2x Surgeries

7 First trimester miscarriages.

Countless chemical pregnancies.

Estimated 10 x timed & stimulated cycles.

3 x IUI’s.

4x Fresh IVF’s.

1x Frozen Embryo Transfer

Hundreds of blood tests.

A thousand needle pricks.

+/- 30kg’s.

Lost & gained friendships.

2x hearts that have been broken & mended & broken again.

Faith lost & faith regained.

The sting of a thousand well-meaning comments about relaxing & not thinking about it.

A mouth lined by trauma.

A brow furrowed by worry & angst.

A jaw knotted from years of clenching.

A soul of bravery.

The spirit of a fighter.

And liters and liters of tears.

And in the end it was worth every corny motivational statement that kept me going.

In the end, it wasn’t easy but it was oh so worth it.

It was worth every moment of discomfort & every ounce of pain and when I held this in my hand yesterday I knew that indeed everything would be alright in the end.

Mother: Sharon Anne van Wyk