15 Months

This weekend, it was with a very heavy heart that I packed out Ava-Grace’s entire wardrobe and packed it all away for her sister, Emily.

*Yes, Walter has decided that our second child will also be a girl and her name is Emily!*

When I lovingly folded up all the little onesies and tiny socks and little shorts and little t-shirts, I really had to stop myself from sobbing. It’s only now, 16 months in, that I fully grasp and understand what all my mom friends have been saying – they grow so quickly. Ava has even out grown her hooded towels, she now uses a regular bath towel, there are very few traces left, of the baby she once was.

Her development has literally started speeding up to the point that is has begun feeling like I’m watching a National Geographic documentary where they show the speeded up footage of the growth of a flower, a tiny bud at first but opening up into beautiful full bloom in the matter of seconds.

Last week, I had a baby that walked like a litter orangutan, arms stretched up in the air, as she uncertainly took unaided steps, each day walking further and further. Fast forward to the weekend, I literally have a child that can RUN and who wants to jump on the trampoline all the time and when I try to take her off, she runs away. She’s also started climbing on jungle gyms – be still my pounding terrified heart!

On Friday night, she also took a sip of my cool drink through a straw and since then has refused all her sippy cups, so they have now all been packed away and replaced with anything that can be drunk through a straw.

Don’t even get me started on her vocabulary…. remember her first words were: “Oh No!” and that lasted for quite sometime but in the past 5 days her vocabulary has suddenly started to develop to the point where she’s saying & learning a few new words every day. I wonder for how much longer I’m going to be able to keep track of her vocabulary? For now she knows the following words:  Mama, Dada, Oh No, Dog, Cow, Moo, Miey (Miley our Chihuahua) and Dexie (Dexter our Chihuahua) Eyes, Ears, Nose, Toes, Juice, Straw, kiss, Hi, Hello, Bye, shoes, cheese. I’m just astounded that this time last week she new 4 words and suddenly… bam… there are all these new words coming out.

It is such a bitter-sweet experience, exciting knowing that we’re going into a new phase with new challenges, and she is so waaay cuter than she was as a tiny baby, but my heart aches for the tiny baby she was and never will be again.

I’m realizing more, with each passing day, what a great privilege being her mother is turning out to be. I feel so blessed and so privileged to watch this beautiful flower grow & learn.