Silhouette CircleIn a little over two months, Ava-Grace will be turning 4! Can you believe it? FOUR! Where has the time gone???? And obviously, I’ve had to start thinking about what to do for her birthday party. December is a busy month socially and so I always send out her invites early and try to have everything planned by the end of October to avoid disappointments with suppliers being fully booked.

With Hannah’s arrival and my 4 months maternity leave on reduced salary, things are a little tight this year as I try to get back on my feet financially and as a result, I’ve been thinking a lot about kids parties in general and Ava’s parties from previous years and ways to cut costs and still show her a fabulous time and a party to remember.

I’ve thought a lot about my own birthday parties as a child and I keep coming to the same conclusion…. when did kids parties become so ridiculously OTT? And who exactly am I trying to impress with the expensive venue and décor, granted, its gorgeous and I love it, but the kids… the main target of the party… they don’t give a damn! Every one of Ava’s parties have cost a small fortune and for who?

Last year’s party included a water slide and this meant that the expensive décor, sweets and treats went largely ignored by the kiddies who were FAR too busy having fun on the water slide, a great big chunk of money pretty much covered in fly crap and thrown away!

Not to mention, at least half the guest list were MY friends with kids who she doesn’t know from a bar of soap or who she only see’s twice a year, at her party and at their party.

Well, not this year!

This year, I’m determined to do things differently. There will be a water slide again…it’s the perfect party entertainment for a gang of 4 years olds on a hot December day. The guest list will consist of ONLY her friends and our closest friends. The party packs will be home made as will the décor. We’ll fire up the braai’s and serve boerie rolls for the hungry and there will be a small kids table of eats that will be nothing more than a bowl of chips, some sweets and cupcakes. The cake will also be smaller… every year I’ve ordered such a ridiculously large cake that we’ve landed up sitting with frozen birthday cake in the freezer for months after the party and landed up throwing it away.

Ava wants a Barbie themed party and as it’s HER party, I’m going to oblige. This party will be all about what SHE wants.. within reason of course. So I’ve searched online and found beautiful, free Barbie printables and that I’ll have printed and cut out and create myself and one of my colleagues is a Photoshop whiz and she’s creating the invitations for me. We’ll get a few pink and white balloons from Westpack and that will be it, but I know, I just KNOW this party will be so much fun… for the kids!

Barbie Silhouette


The only large expense for this party will be a photographer as I don’t want to spend the day running around with my camera and well, Walter can’t even use a point and shoot camera and I just love the beautiful images that double up as a mini family shoot and make great Christmas gifts for grannies and grandpa’s. So as is tradition, my friend, Bronwyn from Heart & Soul Photography will be taking the photo’s.

I’m actually really looking forward to this party and to doing a lot of the stuff myself.