How cute is that hat?

So it would seem that one of the major disadvantages of only receiving Ava’s birth certificate this week is that we seem to have missed the boat in terms of booking her in at the preparatory school of our choice.  The school we’ve always wanted to enroll her in is full! And they have warned us that their waiting list is also long! I cannot believe that we are already faced with making these types of decisions when our baby is only 18 months old.

We’ve started looking at some of the other schools but its a really difficult decision to make. There is another private school in our area that’s only slightly out of our way, we went to see them on Tuesday and its perfectly fine school. But then we had a look at the curriculum at another private school and now the school we looked at seems somewhat limited with what they have on offer as part of the standard curriculum.

The thing is, at 18 months its impossible to tell what your child will excel at, will they be academic and intellectual, or sporty or arty? So I’d really like Ava to go to a school that offers a variety and mix of all of these things and is not too focused on just one area.

I was very privileged to go to an all girls school that offered everything. From Sub A (I think that’s now Grade R) as part of our normal school day, we not only did the usual academic classes, but also participated in music, rhythmics (dancing), art, swimming, Phys Ed which included gymnastics, tennis, hockey & netball.

I would like Ava to be exposed to these activities and not have to do everything as an extra mural activity.

So now I have reverted to sending an application form to the first (full) school along with a letter explaining our late application, have really tried to appeal to them on an emotional level, explaining Ava is adopted and mentioning the long legal delays because of the changes in the  child act blah blah blah… in the hope that by some miracle they will bump her to the top of the waiting list because of “special” circumstance – never thought I’d try to use Ava’s adoption to our advantage, but there you go, her education is really important and a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do.

We’ve also looked at some of the other private schools with the intention that if any of them are suitable, we will move. There is also a goverment school which we are zoned for that’s not too bad but it just doesn’t appeal to me. It just doesn’t look as nice as the private schools.

This is her education. This is important. Right now, I’m just hoping that something gives because I don’t think either Walter or I have a clue on what to do now?! So my advise to any Mom’s out there who are expecting or have new babies and you want them to be schooled privately in SA is to go asap and get them registered at the schools in your area to avoid this dilemma.