A Very Special Surprise!

I have a group of, shall we say, fertility challenged friends. We get together once a month, at least, we laugh, we share, we offer support. This weekend, we got to do something a little different, we got to celebrate and welcome Sian’s son!

We had worked hard on all the arrangements, with a total Twitter and Face Book block out to ensure that the details were kept secret and that Sian would have no inkling of what we were planning. I’m proud of us, we did such a great job that Sian seem quite stunned when she climbed out of the car and was showered by blue streamers.

We ate, we drank champagne, we cuddled and loved the new baby, we cried and shared. It was a very special, very emotional and very beautiful morning.

Below is a slide show of some of the images from the day.


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