On Saturday, we paid a long overdue visit to Lory Park Zoo. Zoo’s are not my favorite places to be, yes I a bit of a flaky bunny hugger and I don’t ever like to see animals in cages, ever. But Ava loves animals, she wants to see, touch, be with animals all the time and really a visit to the bush every other weekend is a little pricey. So I resigned myself to our zoo visit and clung to the fact that Lory Park is very involved in conservation projects.

Lory Park 1

I decided to be brave and hold a snake to impress Ava, even though I was rather terrified…. only to discover that she no longer loves snakes as much as she used to and refused to touch saying she was scared!

Lory Park 3

The tea room is really not fantastic, very limited menu and I did not enjoy the fact that smoking was allowed everywhere, especially as it’s such a child orientated environment.

Lory Park 2

We saw lions, tigers, leopards, puma’s and every kind of wild cat imaginable. I also really loved their owl conservation project and enjoyed viewing all the different owl species they had on display.

All in all, it was a  great afternoon out and a place I’d definitely visit again with Ava. The zoo is small, it literally will not take longer than 2 hours to see everything which is really ideal for smaller children.