I’ve edited this posting to include all the things on offer on the same day that were refused and not eaten, lest you all think I’m trying to starve her! 🙂

Ava’s weight. Not mine. Although mine is a weighty issue too but today I’m writing about hers.

At her 1 year check up at the Pead on Friday, I was a little worried to note that Ava’s chart has not shown the steady increase in weight that is should be showing, if anything, it has completely flat-lined, she was 9.3kg’s at her 9 month check up and 9.6kg’s at a year. While a slow down in weight gain is normal at this age, the Pead seemed somewhat concerned by the lack of any kind of growth curve, and I am too, especially when you consider that she was on the 75th percentile for weight and now is way down on the 25th percentile. When I looked at her next to her little friends at the party on Saturday, the contrast was fairly stark. While she is taller than most, she is so petite and fine in comparison. She has NO baby fat. He has asked that we have her weighted regularly over the next couple of months and that if we don’t start to see an improvement in her weight gain to come back and see him.

The thing that is really freaking me out is that she’s going through a very bad eating phase, or rather let me rephrase, she’s not interested in eating. We’ve had to stop the finger foods because she simply stopped eating it and have reverted back to baby mush at all her meals. But still she barely takes in anything on an average day she eats the following:

Breakfast – Half to 3/4ths of a full cream yoghurt, maybe 2 spoons of porridge at the very most, Not eaten – 1 strawberry, 3 grapes

8am – 180 to 200ml’s full cream milk – 250ml bottle offered but not finished.

10am – 1 home made blueberry muffin, a few small blocks of cheese – nothing eaten

Lunch – One ice block size portion of home cooked mush – most of which was refused

1pm – 180 to 200ml bottle full cream milk – 250ml bottle offered but not finished

Supper – One ice block size portion of home cooked mush, about 60ml’s of Purity Pudding

7pm – sorry forgot to include this, she always has a 180 – 200 ml bottle before bed – offered 250ml but never finished.

Currently she’s eating less than the average 6 month old and it’s really distressing for me.

Any suggestions/tips on getting her to eat and getting her weight up?