Today, it has been exactly 12 months since we embarked on our second adoption journey. Today, exactly one year ago, we sat in our SW’s office and discussed a second placement, an opportunity to grow from a family of 3 to a family of 4.

The year long wait has been easier than I anticipated. Waiting for baby no. 2 is not nearly as hard as what I imagine waiting for a first placement must be like. We were very blessed the first time round. I have my suspicions that our SW suspected that we would be a great match with a BM they had been counselling. At our assessment day, she made sure to tell us that sometimes the waiting can be so quick and I remember leaving that day having a sense of knowing. This sense that we weren’t going to wait long.

And we didn’t. Two days later she called me and asked us to prepare a profile as a matter of urgency and to get it to them before that Saturday, 3 days away.

Two weeks later we got THE CALL and a short 6 days later Ava was born!

The second time around, the journey has been quite different. The waiting has been much longer and while bearable, there have been times when the longing for a second child, for a brother or a sister for Ava, for that baby she keeps asking me to have, has been so hard, it has been a physical ache in my heart.

But we keep waiting, we keep hoping and we keep praying. We also keep believing that with each day that passes without receiving THE CALL, we move another day closer to fulfilling our dream of a second child.

One year of waiting down…. hopefully not much longer to go now!