Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know, I’m a sucker for a cause. Sometimes in a flaky kind of way but I guess that’s not the point, the point is that I am conscious enough of my surroundings to be moved to action, to try and at least make a difference, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. I actually find those that move through life nonchalantly not giving a damn about their surroundings to not only be ignorant but down right stupid. Some people are so afraid of making a “fool” of themselves that they won’t put themselves out there, they won’t try and make a difference in anyway, they won’t/can’t tolerate a moment of discomfort in an attempt to make a difference for someone or something else.

I recently became aware of Meat Free Monday’s and I just love what it stand’s for, so for the past couple of week’s, Walter and I have been observing Meat Free Monday’s by avoiding eating any meat or meat derivative products for one day of the week. When I made a statement about MFM I was surprised by the some of the comments I got. Ok, granted,  some people don’t know what MFM is but here’s a thought… how about researching it before making a judgment or negative statements about it. I’m concerned about my environment. I’m concerned about global warming. I’m concerned about pollution. I’m concerned about deforestation. I’m concerned about animal rights. And by observing one meat free day a week I am making a difference to all those things.

The other project I’ve signed up to support from 2011 is the Santa Shoe Box project. I’ve seen this mentioned on a number of blogs and on FaceBook and I’ve been wondering what it was all about. When I found their website and read the minimum requirements for each box, it brought tears to my eyes. Such simple things that I take for granted every day – toothpaste and soap as part of a Christmas gift for a child, can you imagine? So next year both Walter and I have committed to creating some shoe boxes for this worthwhile project.

Walter is also someone who is easily moved or motivated by a cause and he’s not the type to shy away from something because of a little discomfort or fear of making a fool of himself. So he, along with all my male colleagues and just about all of my friends and friends husbands are participating in Movember. They have all paid the R100 to Cansa and are in their one way raising awareness for mens cancer.

The Attempt @ A Trucker Mo

What are your causes? What moves you to action?