I heard from our social worker last night. There has been a very long delay in the issuing of our adoption order due to the new child act. Our adoption was delayed in order to go through on the new act. One of the delays is that social workers in private practise have to present a report to the department of social welfare on each adoption case, it then gets approved by the department, who write whats called a covering letter which is attached to all our paperwork before being submitted to the commissioner.

Our report was approved by social services last week and our covering letter will be ready for collection on Thursday and is being presented along with all the paperwork to the commissioner on Friday. Then next week is off to the Adoption registry in Pretoria and finally after that we will be able to have Ava’s name changed and she will be well and truly ours.

It has been a long and very stressful process. I have worried from start to finish and to be honest, the closer we get to the finish line, the more I find things to worry about. Years of infertility and more specifically recurrent miscarriage has taught me that at some point things will go wrong. I realize now I’ve spent the last 5 odd months with bated breath, stealing myself for something to go wrong. Now we’re so close and I feel even more anxious.