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African Blogger Awards – Winner Best Parenting … The Blessed Barrenness

It’s not often I’m rendered speechless but yesterday I was.

Shock… surprise… could it be? And then waiting for the apology and rescinding of the announcement. But so far no one has contacted me from African Blogger Awards to offer an apology and inform me they’d made an error, so it must be true right?



I am super chuffed. And this award is important to me for two reasons.

It’s not a popularity competition because I suck at those. Nobody had to vote for my blog, I didn’t have to nag and beg readers, friends and family to go and vote. Yes, I took part in those types of blog competitions a couple of times, but I soon realized that there was more at play than a blog award and that families, friends and readers were required to go through a registration process to vote and I really wasn’t comfortable with that, it felt like a way for others to build a data base under the guise of a blog award. I’m certainly not taking anything away from the winners, simply stating it was something I always felt uncomfortable with.

But then the African Blogger Award was announced for the second year and I decided to enter when I heard how the winners and runners up were chosen:

The African Blogger Awards are not the only online media awards to exist that cater to the {Southern} African market  but they are the most objective. That is a pretty bold claim but it can be supported by two words: objective metrics. In short, the African Blogger Awards are the first program that measures online and social influencers’ reach and influence through data analysis. This provides the opportunity for influencers to be measured objectively against their peers based on irrefutable measurable metrics such as reach, resonance, and relevance.

  • Reach measures the size of an influencer’s audience (following) per social media network.

  • Resonance is a measure of how widely the content that an influencer shares reaches outside of their own community.

  • Relevance is a measure of the response from the influencer’s community in the form of likes, comments, retweets.

You can read the full selection and judging process here, but I loved the transparency and impartiality of how the winners and runners up were chosen, I felt it offered credibility to such an award. Stats & analytics can’t be swayed, they are what they are.

I am humbled by the award. I never ever expected it, I entered because I liked the categories and the clinical and irrefutable way that winners were chosen.

A big shout out to Tanya from Rattle & Mum, who was the runner up in our category and a big thank you to you, readers, who visit, read, engage and share the words I type here. Without you, this wouldn’t have happened so thank you! And thanks to all my fellow bloggers yesterday who so graciously offered congratulations.

You’ll have to check out African Blogger Award’s Twitter timeline for the full list of winners as it hasn’t been published to their website just yet, but there are a lot of familiar and amazing blogs listed as winners and category runner ups, congrats to everyone!

Edited: The full list of winners can now be viewed here: 2015 Winners – African Blogger Award



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