After 15 Years Together, My Husband Still Manages To Surprise Me!

Warning: Look away right now if you’re a hater of all things V-day or romance because this is about to get quite soppy.

So Saturday… it was V-day, and there was the usual grumbling and noise online… those that genuinely dislike Valentines day for whatever reason and then the other sector that were bleating about about their dislike of V-day in a rather holier-than-though-I-love-my-partner-ever-day kinda way. As a side note, am I the only one that feels that that kind of bleating is done to make those of us who actually do celebrate or enjoy Valentines day feel guilty about enjoying a rather commercial/superficial celebration? Well Walter made it that our celebration was anything but superficial.

I decided to make it special for my girls because Ava wanted to make a little something for her teacher in celebration of V-day and I figured why not, I love those two girlies with all my heart and if I could do a little something that would make them feel special on V-day then I was going to do it. I had a bunch of sweeties over from the gift Ava and I banged together for her teacher so I made little sweetie bags for the girls with their own little cards and they went down a treat. Hannah watched me hand  Ava her bag and she couldn’t wait and was super chuffed that there was a sweetie bag for her too.

Valentines Day Girls Gifts


This year, Ava also received her very own V-day gift from her best (boy)friend, Morgan, the cutest little love bug and she was totally chuffed to be spoiled and acknowledged that way. She was also super excited because I let her help me wrap Walter’s gift, nothing extravagant, his favorite fragrance from The Body Shop and a new running belt because we’re not that big on gifts for V-day. A flower, a special home cooked meal, breakfast in bed, those are pretty much how we choose to celebrate.

Valentines Day Gift Ava

I’d also attended Ava’s V-day picnic with her at school the previous day and it was very special, we were all loved up and in the spirit of V-day, all about the hearts and flowers and chocolates and doing something special for each other in our family on the actual day.

Valentines Day Picnic


But Walter… he knocked my socks off on Saturday, he has always been a very thoughtful husband but Saturday… wow Saturday blew me away.

Travers’s sudden passing at the end of last year, has had a profound impact on both of us. It has been a shocking reminder of how we all get so bogged down in the stresses and strains of daily life, on the struggle to find balance and to not be overwhelmed by juggling a work and home life and seeing to two small children,  that we forget to nurture our relationships with each other. Walter said he had been listening to the radio and more specifically to the words of this Ellie  Goulding song and how he wanted to dedicate that song to me and to how much he loved me.  How this song would always remind him of me, of us.

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He also spoiled me rotten. He bought me my favorite perfume, it’s been my signature fragrance for about 20 years now and the one I always return back to, the one I simply can’t go without… Theirry Mugler’s Angel. I also got a new iPhone 6! I was blown away, Walter is not an overly romantic guy, he’s thoughtful but he also knows I’m not a big fan of romance, I find it so often awkward and contrived. But this past weekend, he blew me way. Not because of the size of the gift, but because of the thought and sentiment that went with it. Because of the beautiful words he spoke into my heart. But my best of all… him telling me that he knows relationships mature and change but that Travers’s passing had reminded him of why/how/when we first fell madly in love in the first place & he wanted to celebrate that this Valentines day.

Valentines Day Gift

Thank you baby, for loving me like you do!



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