Yesterday I listened to a rather funny radio chat about things we’ll have to tell our children about one day and it reminded me of all the stories my parents used to tell me when I was growing up about the “olden days”.  It was with a bit of a shock that I realized one day I’d be telling Ava stories of my childhood and she’ll think of my stories as stories from the “olden days”!

I was born in 1972 which means that Ava and I are born in two different centuries and millennia! That seems completely insane and really so much has changed from when I was a child. There are so many things that I know about that she will never know and so many technological advancements happening that one day she’s going to roll her eyes at me and mumble about what a technotard I am, much the same as I do to my own mother now when she phones me in a panic because she doesn’t know how to do an online check in with!

We can’t make jokes about Ava being the milkman’s child! Because for her, milk is bought at Woolies and comes in a 2L plastic bottle, it’s not delivered to our front door by the milk man, in glass bottles, after we left out our tokens and old bottles out the night before. She’ll never hear me say, run quickly and put out the tokens, I hear the milkman coming!

Union Dairy Milk Bottle

She’s 3, can use a touch screen cell phone and things like a tablets and notebooks are not medicine and paper books, they’re toys that she can spend hours playing with. When I was three, I was playing horsey horsey with a broom stick with a crude wooden horses head glued onto it or riding my bike (unsupervised) in the road outside our house. She’ll laugh one day when I pull out my old Donkey Kong and Turtle Bridge Nintendo games, which I got when I was about 10!


She watches Dora The Explorer and Diego and will probably not believe me when I tell her the first time I EVER saw a TV was in 1976 when I was 4 years old. My Aunt and Uncle were the first people we knew who had a TV and it was a massive event in our lives, we went to their house to see it for the first time and they spoiled my cousin and I and let us eat candyfloss while we stared, amazed, at the test pattern!


She’ll never know the relation between a pencil and a cassette tape, heck I doubt she’ll even remember what a CD is! Even though she’s had her own CD player since she was a newborn.


And she’ll probably laugh when she finds out what a Walkman is and how I got one for my 10th birthday along with Michael Jackson’s Thriller tape!

walkman michael jackson thriller

Speaking of music, I wonder what she’ll think of my music from the “olden days”? I know I grew up listening to The Beach Boys and The Everly Brothers and my parents were horrified by my music choices of Bon Jovi and Kiss, called it Satan’s music.

And of course, the thing I think Ava will be most horrified about the “olden days” was the hidings we got as children. She’s never had a hiding, I wonder what she’ll think about that? When I regale her of stories of how when my brother, my cousin and I were naughty, we were required to bend over the bed, tuck our hands under our tummies and each get a walloping with the belt, slipper or wooden spoon and God help us if we giggled!

Wow, now I really do feel old reminiscing about the “olden days”! What will you tell your children about your “olden days”?