We completed all our paperwork this weekend. It was very very hard work. The questions in the Home Study are extremely difficult to answer, mostly because we hadn’t really thought about them before.

I mean, do you have the answers for the following questions:

  1. What is your child rearing philosophy?
  2. What is your child care plan?
  3. Who have you selected as guardians for your child?
  4. What is your motivation and attitude towards adoption?
  5. Integration of children into your home?
  6. Integration of children into your extended family?
  7. Exposing the child to your social environment, peers and others?
  8. What roll, if any, will the Birth Mother have in the child’s life?

It took hours to complete the home study. We also finished preparing all our financial documents and a balance sheet of our finances. We’ve got our proof of employment, proof of education, proof of insurance. I’ve filled in all the paperwork regarding our family histories and our fertility history.

Today’s goal – discuss my maternity leave and maternity benefits with my employers. I’m kind of nervous to tell them I’m taking 6 months off whether they like it or not! I also need to discuss with them a back up plan should we have one of those sudden adoptions? And how we plan to proceed when I leave for maternity leave. I’ve been with this company 5 years, my clients are very set on dealing with me. Whenever they hear of a new employee, they contact our directors to inform them they refuse to deal with anyone else. Well sorry folks, you’re going to have to and hopefully its in the very near future too. I also need to know about compensation while I’m on maternity leave etc etc etc.

So wish me luck, this discussion feels very surreal and I’m quite nervous about it!

Also just wanted to add a big thank you again to everyone who has sent messages of support and sms’s and FB messages and tweets on Twitter. It is greatly appreciated. But are not expecting feedback for some time as we were informed by the social workers that this step of adoptive parent selection does take some time. I will update you all as soon as I have information.