In less than 3 weeks, I will be 41! HOLY SHITBALLS!!! And I thought I’d do a little “all I want for my birthday” post just in case a my husband, family or friends happen along this blog post…. *nudge nudge wink wink*

So without further adieu and in no particular order, here is my wishlist:

Hunter Boots Original with the adjustable back in black!

Hunter Boots Original Adjustable Back

New Jammies from Woolies!
Because I NEVER spend money on PJ’s and my current ones are old, stretched out of shape and literally falling apart and I LOVE Woolies jammies! And I especially love these Hello Kitty ones!

Hello Kitty PJ's


New slippers, because I have worn my slippers right through and no matter how many times I wash them, they just don’t seem to loose that “slipper” smell anymore, clearly they are well worn and have seen better days! I especially LOVE these ankle boot slippers from Woolies!
Woolies Slippers
A Sorbet gift card because I would literally kill for a deluxe pedi or a Gelish mani! I do my own mani’s and pedi’s but really it’s just SUCH a treat having somebody else do it for you! I want to sit in one of their big, soft leather,pedicure recliners with my Kindle and just chillax for an hour!
sorbet gift card
Anything from Typo but I’m especially keen on their journals, I love the buffalo journals, these would be awesome for when I return to work, I can use them for minutes from my various meetings and sessions with clients.
 Typo Journals
 I saw these Harley Davidson boots at Tekkie Town ( I know right??? Of all the places) and I am absolutely IN LOVE with them!
Harley Davidson boots
Anything from Iron Fist but I am especially obsessed with their pumps and I am LOVING these pink ones!
Iron Fist Pumps
And I’m also completely IN LOVE with this Iron Fist Distant Memory hand bag!
Iron Fist Bag
I appear to have a  bit of a shoe fetish going on here… Ha, never really thought of myself as shoe obsessed but there you go. Also, my dear husband, perfume is always a winner, Theirry Mugler’s Angel would be wonderful, or a little something something for my Pandora bracelet….
Now I’ve given you LOTS of clues… off you go then, SURPRISE ME! 🙂