As Ava has started to mature and gone from being a helpless baby into a strong minded, stubborn little girl, it has been both challenging and fascinating to watch her personality develop.

Just this mornings, we had a massive crying fit while getting ready for school because Missy did not like the T-shirt I’d chosen for her to wear today. She’s TWO! I did not expect such strong mindedness from her so soon.

She is full of contradictions and unexpected quirks and boy oh boy, if she’s made up her mind about something, there will be no changing it.

Lately, she will only drink from a cup. If you offer her juice/water in a bottle, she will flat out refuse it, but put it in a cup and she’s happy to drink. She’s also become borderline obsessed with what she refers to as “small juice”, which is a a small juice box and God help us if we don’t have a small juice on hand. Over the weekend, Walter mistakenly assumed that a small juice was a little juice in a cup, she was so disgusted by his offer that she took the cup and flung it across the kitchen floor and then proceeded to spend the required 2 minutes on the naughty step.

The other major contradiction that we have found with her is that while she remains a poor and very fussy eater, the foods that she does absolutley love seem a little odd for a 2 year old to enjoy. No burgers for this Missy, she’d like Calamari thank you very much. I never expected a child to love fish as much as she does, she’s not a fan of chicken or any other meats, but fish and calamari are by far her favorites. And definitely no Pronutro/Oatee’s/Fruit Loops for breakfast, she’d prefer a bowl of All Bran flakes with no sugar! Finally, after more than a year of struggling to get her to eat breakfast, we’ve found a rather unexpected solution.

She is an inherently feminine little girl, a real girly girl. She loves anything and everything pink and sparkly and must always carry a handbag with her at all times when we leave the house.

Ava & the "handbag" she insists on taking everywhere with her.

She has bags and bags full of bows & clippies and the like and she just loves it. There is nothing better for her than a bit of dress up or playing with her tea set.

But she also has a side to her that is complete contradiction of the girly girl. She has a great love of animals but is definitely leaning towards a passion for reptiles, most especially snakes, much to her father’s horror! This love of snakes is developing into such a passion of hers that over weekends she will ask to go to the local pet shop so she can look at all the snakes they have. This weekend we we visited Croc City, during the snake demonstration and talk, each time the snake handler asked who’d like to hold one of the snakes, Ava would push to the front of all the people and raise her little hand. Eventually her enthusiasm was rewarded, much to her father’s horror, who refused to touch let alone hold anything in the reptile area.

In her element and utterly fascinated!

I’ve started thinking about her 3rd birthday party (I know, what can I say, I’m totally OTT) and came up with a fairly unique and pretty party theme idea but after this past weekend, I’ve started wondering if perhaps I need to rethink that idea and come up with some kind of pink play on snakes and reptiles as my child would just plutz if someone actually came to our home and gave her and her friends a snake and reptile demonstration.

Raising Ava is fraught with contradictions and challenges but I love this quirky little girl so very much and really enjoy that she doesn’t fit into any kind of mold and is full of ironies and intricacies.